Happiness and people are what we’re all about.


Once the site of a summer camp,

The Brook offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to go beyond planning events, and start creating experiences

This 180 acres includes lush forests, tranquil groves and, you guessed it, a stunning brook winding throughout. The Brook offers a range of on-site lodging options and activities, guaranteed to leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Although no longer a summer camp, we still strive to provide that same exciting, carefree getaway vibe for all of our guests.

While only 30 miles from Columbus, we encourage you to leave your worries behind, enjoy our secluded slice of paradise and fully immerse yourself in The Brook!

The opportunities are truly endless as our team is dedicated to ensuring guests leave no stone unturned (sometimes literally) in bringing their vision to reality. To promote a sense of togetherness and create lifelong memories, we encourage all of our guests to utilize the variety of onsite lodging and activities.


In the end, The Brook’s mission is 

to create captivating experiences by accentuating the beautiful features of nature and people... and have a lot fun doing it!

We only ask three things of you while you’re here:

Your worries are left behind. The Brook is a stress free area.

Events aren’t planned. Experiences are created!

The Brook Bell is rung at least once. (especially by our wedding couples!)

Who we are

Chloe and I (Steven) are the proud owners and operators of this magical place called The Brook! 

This is the story all about how our 2020 wedding got turned upside down. We’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. We’ll tell you how we became the owners of a wedding venue out of nowhere.

Like so many of you out there, our plans were unfortunately changed in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic. Serendipity connected us with the owners of these amazing grounds and our passion and vision for this gorgeous property was immediate. We would never have found The Brook had it not been for all the craziness created by the challenges of that pandemic.

With a little imagination, elbow grease, and some incredible support from friends and family, we were able to create an experience that we never thought possible! It was evident right away, this place was special, and we wanted to share this opportunity with others. The natural beauty surrounding the grounds, along with the option to host a large number of guests, and provide entertainment throughout the weekend, were the special ingredients for our unforgettable weekend!

You will often hear Chloe and I use the term “experience”. That’s exactly what we hope to see our guests create here at The Brook . Over the last several months, we have transformed and Beautified the grounds in order to enhance your experience. The Brook’s full makeover includes an updated chapel, new parking lot, added restrooms at the pavilion, modern wedding party suites and complete overhaul of the pool. The Brook has received the full makeover you deserve for your experience.


Your adventure awaits...

Learn more about the magic that awaits at The Brook