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Dear friends of The Brook,

This is your destination for all things wedding, adventure and The Brook!

We will never claim to be amazing blog writers, but we are always excited to share updates to The Brook, our learning experiences through this journey and any insight we may have picked up on this whole wedding thing. If you’re anything like us, planning a wedding is daunting to say the least. Whether at The Brook, or some other incredible venue, we want everyone out there to have an absolutely PERFECT day!

Along with general wedding advice and planning tips, check in for major updates and announcements as The Brook continues to grow. We have so many exciting changes planned for the coming years, and we look forward to breaking the news here with all of you.

As always, we love and appreciate all of you. We are forever grateful for your support on this fun/crazy journey!

With Love,

The Starkeys

Social Hall Bar

The Brook Beautification

Beautification of The Brook

January 31, 2021

It’s crazy to think that we are already one month into 2021! What?! With the renovation in full effect and our soft opening date looming, this past month has bee a blur of guest tours, Lowe’s trips, Wayfair browsing and contractor conversations….and it’s been awesome. Now that we finally have a second, a quick one […]

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